Bathroom InstallationsRemodeling or rebuilding a bathroom is a specific and highly technical exercise and it shouldn’t be left to just anyone. This is why we have a team of highly skilled professionals able to tackle any bathroom renovation job. We work closely with our customers all throughout the remodeling process in order to provide accurate and quality results.

If our customers are unsure of styles, fittings, accessories and all the rest, we can supply a ready off the shelf design which will be produced by our very own master tradesmen. Our people will advice and clarify with the customer any issues and queries to do with the entire bathroom project. Our customers have the option of choosing all the fittings, accessories etc by themselves if they wish and our expert technicians will install and fit them in the new plan bathroom.

In terms of technical stages involved in the project, our teams can perform all the tasks from the ground up, including plumbing and fitting the new piping, both water and gas. Our expert team can take care of tiling and floor leveling, installation of sink basins, vanity units, bath tubs – including jet spas and Jacuzzis.

We have certified electricians on staff performing all types of wiring and rewiring and hydro insulation of existing wiring. We have specialist plasterers and sheet rock workers able to construct all kinds of suspended ceilings and wet room wall paneling, including light and heat fan holes and fittings. Our guys can refit and water proof existing bathroom windows thus ensuring no outside moisture is making its way indoors or install completely new windows with an extra layer of glazing for more protection and insulation. The company has a set policy of keeping bathroom project costs at a lower rate than the big manufacturers and companies – this is part of our personalized customer policy.

We believe that dealing with the fitters, tillers and plumbers directly is the key to save substantially off your bathroom renovation project so we have done it all for you, we have all the necessary skills and labour under one roof.