Bespoke JoineryOur team of highly skilled carpenters can also perform specialized work like bespoke and purpose built joinery for anything from staircases to wardrobes. Our team can manufacture different types of staircases like straight flights, sweeping or radials, they can do it using customer provided sketches or technical drawings. A range of wood and wood materials is available to choose from.

Our technicians are capable of assembling and fitting all kinds of stand alone or fitted bespoke furniture like fitted cupboards or wardrobes. Our cabinet projects can also be made to suit customer specifications including the use of other than wood materials like glass and stainless steel. We can also perform procedures for high moisture areas like bathrooms where excellent material choice and exceptional craftsmanship is of vital importance for a successful project. We can tackle bedroom projects with fitted furniture and bedding or garden furniture set ups. We will also carry out bigger, more complex projects like conservatories or intricate design pergolas with retractable parts.

Our carpenters can produce and install custom made and purpose built joinery for a range of furniture and items like all types of windows including skylights, different kinds of doors and door frames including sliding doors and retractable wall panels. Using bespoke and purpose built joinery is a highly technical and specific process which leaves absolutely no place for error. If our customers are unsure of their technical requirements and the necessary parts, our expert carpenters can come over for a viewing and analyze the customer’s particular needs. In turn, they will suggest and work out different structural solutions available and fit those to suit the particular customer’s preferences and individual budget needs.

The price range for the bespoke service will vary depending on the materials chosen and the manufacturing and installation work that has gone into the project. We offer a range of materials and styles to choose from in order to cover specific, individual needs and preferences. The end price will reflect the actual project, this assures customers will only be paying for what they ordered and will not incur additional charges.