CarpentryThe company operates a full range of carpentry services. We have an excellent team of professional carpenters ready to tackle any job out there big or small. Our people are highly skilled and capable of working with any type of wood or wood derived material. Skilled in using both traditional and modern carpentry techniques and methods our crafty carpenters will provide you with exceptional quality of work, excellent attention to finer detail and sensible service costs.

The company can take care of traditional and contemporary styled, internal and external doors of all kinds of wood; this includes work done on specialized types of doors like four or six paneled doors, security and steel plated doors and doors that have undergone prior glazing. Our guys will perform work on all windows including box sash windows and double or triple glazed windows. We can do window maintenance and restoration or entire window replacement; we can replace your existing windows with box sash traditionals or sliding box sash, we install casement windows and can fit them with a wide range of glass from frosted to tempered.

Our carpenters can do interior jobs all throughout the house like staircases and flooring. They can also carry out jobs on smaller size woodwork like fitted wardrobes, cabinets – in the kitchen and elsewhere, book shelves and cases. If you need entire units replaced instead of repaired we can also take care of that – our carpenters and contractors can cut down to size and custom assemble things per your requirements, making sure you achieve your project visuals.

Our expert carpenters can treat, stain and lacquer all your outside furniture and garden decking in order to keep it looking and feeling great for longer, we use only the best wood products and we use those accordingly to the type of wood and the time of year. Our people can also carry out bigger outside projects like installing pergolas or timber fencing. As these are quite heavy and structurally demanding objects, it is highly recommended to use specialists for the installation – our team of experts is on standby for your call.