Decorating Services LondonThe company specializes in high quality interior and exterior decorations. When a professional finish is needed to a high quality renovation or construction project – this is where we deliver. Our expert decorators and painters will bring life to any new or existing project, no matter if it’s only a one room job or an entire house repaint – we got you covered. Our guys will work fast, clean and efficiently in order to achieve desired results as soon as possible.

We guarantee to leave the property as clean as it was before the work commenced. Our painters and decorators are very skilled with enough years of experience to perform exceptionally all the time. We will do everything by the book, no corners will be cut.

We will carry out top preparation job since painting is 90% prep work. Our people will advise you and inform you of available paint and colour options as per the interior and exterior specifics of the property. If we come across walls and ceilings in very poor condition we will perform skimming and touch up plastering to bring the surfaces to excellent painting condition. For newly constructed walls or fresh plastering our decorators will lay an undercoat that seals the surface below and guarantees a smooth and even spreading of the coats of paint on top.

Using an undercoat will surely save you money from amounts of paint used as new plaster is highly porous and will consume an immense amount of paint during the process. Our painters will take care of all the exterior and interior woodwork like box or sash windows and outside metal work like letterboxes or door stoppers. Our teams can visit you for a viewing of the job at hand and for the preparation of a free of charge, no obligation quote.

If customers are happy with the quoted price, our decorators will discuss in detail all the aspects of the job so that you know what you’re paying for and what you’re getting in return. We can also take care of the outside decking by sanding back, staining and lacquering the timber.