ElectricsThe company also provides specialized, professional electrical service. This includes both testing of existing electrical grids and systems and installation of new ones. All the work is done by qualified electricians working in accordance to British Standards. The service is provided for either domestic or commercial customers. Our electricians can perform fault finding and rewiring, they can perform testing and analysis of existing and newly fitted electrical systems. They can also run repairs on any household appliances or power tools. We have the entire bathroom covered – our technicians can install down lights, heater lights and electric showers. Repair work will be done to faulty extractor fans or jet baths.

An important service we provide and recommend to be used is the regular check up and maintenance of fire alarms and fire detectors-our people are fully qualified to perform such procedures. For new home projects or renovations we can offer our customers a full range of electrical servicing from running the wiring through cutting holes and installing switches and appliances to testing and maintenance. Our customers also have the option of using periodical inspections and testing of existing and newly fitted appliances and systems. The electricians can also perform outside work on exterior light fixtures, garden or path lights and respective wiring running to and from the house. Our people can perform a full survey and test of your main and additional fuse boxes – they can point out and replace faulty or blown fuses safely with no hassle for you.

We can run a quick check of your existing fuses and possibly suggest other, more suitable options or may be even the installation of heavy duty circuit breakers, especially for homes with higher power consumption rates. For special requirement jobs like problems with central heating units or air conditioners we may ask the customer to arrange for a viewing of the faulty appliance in order to administer further possible actions.

Our customers have the option of using our free of charge, no obligation quote before committing to our services. Our electrical services are competitively and reasonably priced – call us and find out.