Folding Sliding DoorsThe company specializes in supply and installation of a wide range of folding sliding doors. These doors are considered a great architectural feature to any home. Their ability to transform and remodel both the exterior and interior of a property makes them a desirable choice for both new home builders and renovators.

The company can provide a wide range of door models, made of different materials to complement any existing interior design or to accommodate new design ideas, such as timber or aluminum. For contemporary designs, we can supply and install composite material doors in a range of styles.

More of our customers are choosing to have folding sliding doors installed on their property as they give extra amount of light and warmth during the winter months and provide additional aeration and sunshine in the summer. Structurally, folding sliding doors can be a great addition to any room or conservatory as they remove some of the restrictions imposed by French door and window systems and also compensate for the space taken by a regular sliding door. These doors look exceptional both from the inside and outside.

The company can preorder and fit your folding sliding doors with most types of glass or glass compounds, including safety and security glass. We also offer a wide range of folding configurations giving you the ability to utilize any floor space and optimize any room layout. The doors are a good way to combine outside and inside areas into one open living space – great for open entertainment areas and summer verandas. The doors can be ordered as per customer’s specifications, including additional features and extras like lightweight closing system, finger protection systems and anti theft, high security locking and catch systems.

All our doors can be weather proven for mild to severe weather conditions using strengthened framing and special flexible glass compounds. The company aims to cover a wider price range of doors in order to provide solutions suitable for most customers, regardless of budget limitations. Our customers have the option of free on site viewing for taking measures and free, no obligation quote.