House ExtensionsThe company specializes and provides a complete end to end extension service. The company is able to perform both domestic and certain commercial extension jobs. The extensions we perform can be internal ones – like kitchen extensions or loft conversions or even adding entire rooms and wings to a house. Home extensions not only give additional and needed living space, but they also add to the market value of the property, we understand the workings of the real estate market and we aim to add the highest value for money to your property. The interior design solutions we can offer our customers have been developed with the close assistance of professional architects, if you wish to use your own design we can turn it into a reality just by using customer provided sketches.

All the construction and extension work we do is fully certified and done by professionals, qualified and certified to perform such activities therefore giving our customers peace of mind – a thing so needed when building a dream home. If necessary we will consult with your local council in order to be up to date with all local and national building regulations. We can offer creative design solutions, put together by exceptional architects and interior designers.

The company aims to provide, supply and create an affordable, yet high quality design to more customers; this is why cost management is something we also take very seriously. Our experts will walk you through each step of the process, explaining and discussing customer ideas and suggestions, taking into consideration the inevitable budget limitations and the optimization of the entire project. We will be able to offer ready, off the shelf designs for both exterior and interior, if our customers prefer, we can combine custom ideas with already existing design plans.

For larger projects and per customers’ request we will appoint an onsite manager, ensuring that all work is done properly and up to safety and quality requirements. We try and keep our pricing flexible and individual in order to minimize project costs for the customer.